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Workshop: Mindfulness and Compassion Interpersonal Communication Training (MCCT)

Participation requires good to very good English language skills, since the workshop is in English.

We spend most of our lives in social relationships, so it is not surprising that both pain and relational joy are among the greatest sources of personal suffering and well-being.

The Mindfulness and Compassion Interpersonal Communication Training (MCCT) program is an innovative 8-week pilot program that teaches skillful ways to effectively bring the principles of mindfulness and compassion into the realm of communication and social relationships. Simply said, it aims to cultivate interpersonal presence, connection, and caring. It was recently created by Dr. Simon Guendelman in Germany.


Recent research has suggested a link between mindfulness and compassion and communication skills. Studies have shown that subjects with higher dispositional mindfulness and self-compassion have better communication skills, such as decreased communicative apprehension, increased active listening, verbal coding and growth beliefs.

Here you will find more information. 

Meldung vom 24.04.2023

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